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Plato’s adventure is a relaxing yet challenging platform explorer game where you play as an astronaut who was on an adventure but has now got lost and must find his way back home. You must navigate your way through levels filled with cannons, lasers, moving platforms and the occasional puzzle.


Plato’s Adventures main game mechanic centres around a pretty cool, easy to learn movement system where you fire your jetpack thrusters on and off, in order to weave your way through levels.


Plato’s Adventure is available to download for Android devices on the Google Play Store. Plato’s Adventure will be able available on iOS and PC, Mac and Linux from early 2019.  


Small Bedroom Studios was founded in a small bedroom in London, England in the fall of 2016. The studio currently consists of founder Ryan Robinson, with the focus of the studio being to make enjoyable games for mobile and PC. While studying for a Civil Engineering degree from the University of Liverpool, Ryan discovered the power of games as a medium to communicate with people so upon graduating decided to start Small Bedroom Studios. 


  • Relaxing, yet challenging gameplay

  • Exhilarating, fluid physics-base movement 

  • Beautiful artwork

  • Easy to learn controls

  • Unlock six different characters to play as



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