Discovering Big Ideas: Energy 

A Better Way To Teach Kids.

Learning and fun traditionally don’t go hand in hand. That’s why we’ve scrapped traditional. Our augmented Reality books make learning FUN.

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Discovering Big Ideas Energy

Augmented Reality technology brings your book to life in your hands. Hard to understand topics can be explored from completely different angles, you are no longer limited to viewing a problem in 2D but you can now see the problem in 3D and interact with it however you choose too

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Augmented Reality




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Engaging Gamification

Why We Need Augmeted Reality Books?

When it comes to learning, time and time again, children will loudly proclaim they’re bored, which leads them to switch off and stop engaging. But what does this statement really mean, what does it mean to be bored? To be bored is - "The negative experience of wanting too, but being unable to engage in an activity". 

So now we know what being bored actually means, when kids are saying "Mum, I'm bored" they are really saying, please find another way of keeping me engaged the current method has failed to capture my attention. 


Great, so now we know what it means to be bored and why children get bored when learning...  how do we solve this problem? 

Cure to Boredom


Augmented Reality + Gamification of Education

Augmented Reality Example

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is technology that expands our real physical world, adding layers of digital information onto it. A common example of AR is Pokemon Go, a viral game from 2016. 


AR allows for more interactive learning, being able to examine and interact with a model in 3D creates for more enhanced learning situations. Concepts that are difficult to grasp in 2D can be easily explained in 3D. 


Gamification is the integration of game mechanics into non-game experiences such as education, to increase levels of engagement and create intrinsic-motivation - engaging in a task for satisfaction rather than reward or gain.


What does this actually mean? Leaderboards for top-scores, achievements for completing missions, collaborating with friends on how to solve problems and more all while learning. We meant what we said.. Learning Made FUN!

Gamification Concept

Sample Page 

Sample Page

Discovering Big Ideas: Energy